Our Values

Building real relationships

Trust, honesty, and integrity are the foundations that are necessary to build real relationships. We choose to treat our customers as we’d treat our own family, leading to lasting connections instead of one-off sales. Aside from it being the right thing to do, it sets the standard for everything else we do in our daily lives. Remember the golden rule.



Giving back

We feel a strong sense of urgency to assist those that have helped us in some way or are in need. We’re dedicated to finding worthwhile causes and committing our time and resources to the people who deserve it. It’s our belief that since we’re in a position to be able to help, it’s our responsibility to do so. Also, giving just feels damn good.



Taking care of our people

The key to our success is treating people well, and we realize the importance a happy and motivated staff has on a business. It could mean the difference between a grouchy employee or an excited team member who’s ready to help you with anything that comes your way. That’s why we only hire staff whose level of enthusiasm and desire to help match our own. We encourage our team members to make their own decisions and truly enjoy seeing them succeed.




Recycling in itself requires you to be responsible for yourself and others, but we make sure it is rooted in our business practices. We prepare our team members to make sound decisions when speaking with you, and hold ourselves accountable for all of our actions.



We truly feel our actions reflect these values, however, we think you should be the judge. If there is something that can be changed for the better please send us an email or leave us a review and let us know what we can improve on.

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